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Principal (Junior Wing)



PG Edu BA (Hons) B.Ed

University of Lancaster UK


                                                            PRINCIPAL’S MESSAGE

Dear Parents,

Welcome to team Satluj. I am privileged to be a member of this exclusive club. We are an educational hub where we support our members (children and staff) to turn dreams into reality. Prior joining Satluj in March 2016, I have had 22 years of successful experience of leading and managing different schools in the U.K., turning around failing  schools into successful schools. Providing young minds quality education and empowering them with skills to progress in this competitive world is part of my DNA.

At Satluj Junior Wing, like the senior Wing, we have high aspirations for both our children and our staff. Satluj is a happy, friendly, safe and encouraging place where we work hard to ensure the best conditions for success for our school community. We strongly believe that achievement of all kinds should be celebrated and we want everyone to feel welcome and valued in a community where people care about each other and are kind. As the principal of Satluj Public School Junior Wing, I am deeply committed in the on-going school improvement and to ensuring that all children have the best possible opportunities to strive to succeed. I am a strong advocate for the ‘Growth mind set’ philosophy, the belief that intelligence does not just depend upon luck or the persons DNA, but can be developed, that the brain is like a muscle that can be trained through dedication and hard work.

Over the coming years, I will be working with the children, staff and parents to continue to build upon then strong practice, already evident at Satluj. My goal is for Satluj to continue to develop into a global and outward thinking school. We aim to build the skills, knowledge and positive attitude necessary to help all our pupils become responsible, respectful, and tolerant, not just citizens of India, but citizens of the world.   My goal is for Satluj to continue to develop:

  • a state of art building, to further enhance learning for our pupils in the Junior Wing.
  • bespoke evening clubs suitable for our children in the Junior Wing.
  • Exchange programmes for our teachers, so that they get the experience of working with other professionals around the world, particularly in the US and UK.
  • IT facilities and incorporate more SMART classes, so that our pupils are well equipped with the latest technologies to strive in this competitive world.

I wish your child a successful year ahead and I look forward to working in partnership with yourselves to make Satluj Public School the best learning place.