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Innovative practices AT SATLUJ


BTCL (Beyond the Classroom Learning)

Teaching and learning can become inherently spontaneous and student-centric when moved from the confines of the classroom and into the world at large. Collaborative learning atmosphere results in the unique relationship that develops outside the classroom, to the deep learning that occurs when such knowledge is put into practice ‘in the real world’. Field experiences or ‘Beyond the Classroom’ experiences are unmatched in their learning potentials. Such experiences early in a student’s career can be formative and also inspire students in various fields of education and work.

Learning experience outside the classroom are inherently interdisciplinary. When students go out in the world, they encounter it as a whole and are therefore forced to face situations outside the comfort zone. ‘Beyond the classroom’ activities have therefore proved to be not only a way of gaining real world knowledge, but also an effective character building disciplinary.

AL (Applied Learning)

At Satluj, we believe that just imparting curriculum based knowledge is not enough. It is important to be able to connect the knowledge gained with real life. Students are therefore encouraged to be part of the AL activities that is conducted. Each subject teacher selects a particular topic that is being done in the class and plans out a specific set of activities accordingly. It can be a Project Report, a Demonstration, a Role Play, Scientific experiments, Declamation, Visual Displays, etc.

SAD (Subject Awareness Drive)

It is important to be aware about the society and the environment. Through the SAD activities, the students are required to participate in an attempt to spread awareness on a particular topic. Students are encouraged to express their thoughts in the form of Group Discussions, Oration, Recitation, Role Play, Poster Making, Project Reports, etc. This is a really an effective way to involve all the students and at the same time work on their social and speaking skills.

CDKS (Cross Domain Knowledge Sharing)

Learning is more effective is the knowledge imparted to the students can be related in some way to the other subjects in question. Children thus, can learn to take interest in all the subjects equally. This ensures optimum understanding of the concept. In the CDKS activities, the students are enabled to connect a particular topic of a subject to a concept that they might have been acquainted with in another subject. Thus, there can be situations when English and Social Studies can be connected, Maths and Art, Science and ICT, etc. This makes learning more interesting and often easier to understand.


Satluj is a big name when it comes to promoting Innovation. Satluj has its own specialised Innovation Team whose sole purpose is to research on the latest teaching trends, students’ betterment, anything related to the academics, students’ requirements, improved teaching methodologies, etc. The Innovation Team are policy makers who help in the smooth running of the academics and any other related domain.

Satluj has a fully equipped 3D Innovation Lab, where students are acquainted with the amalgamation of modern technology and learning. Through various 3D models, students can learn about various topics that has been covered in various subjects. The DIY kits too are an amazing tool to enhance learning. Robotics too is a part of the Innovation Lab, where students are trained to design robots of their choice. Students often participate in robotics workshops and learn a great deal about the latest technological trends the world has seen in the recent years. Satluj, therefore, believes in creating the children of the future.