Satluj Public School Ranked No. 1 in Panchkula and Amongst Top 13 in CBSE Top Schools of India By :- digitalLEARNING INDIA , EDU Today | Registrations 2020-21 (Pre-Nursery To IX-XI) . | Satluj Won Future 50 School Awards


Satluj Public School, Senior Wing and Junior Wing won the maximum number of positions in the Zonal and District Sports Championship held from July 2019. The position winners are – 
Skating (4 Gold, 5 Bronze): Shivam (2 Golds); Nitin (2 Golds); Jashan (2 Bronze); Jeeya (1 Bronze); Kanishk Arya (2 Bronze); Muskaan (Bronze).Chess: Team (Bronze).Gymnastic (4 Gold, 6 Silver): Under 11 Team Championship Boys (Gold); Under 11 Team Championship Girls (Silver); Under 14 Team Championship (Silver); Rudransh (Gold); Rudhar Singh (Gold); Ishita (Gold); Manan (Silver); Arun (Silver); Apoorva Sharma (Silver); Rashi Sharma (Silver).Taekwondo: Gold Medal (8); Silver (4); Bronze (3).Karate: Gold Medal (1); Silver Medal (1); Bronze Medal (1).Boxing: Gold Medal (3); Silver (1).Football: Team in finals.Badminton: Under 19 Gold.Yoga: Under 19 Boys – Gold; Under 19 Girls- Silver.Athletics (18 Gold, 10 Silver, 2 Bronze): Under 19 Boys: Jashan (400 Mtrs; 800 Mtrs; 400 Mtrs Hurdles) Gold; Yuvraj (Long Jump; Discuss Throw) Gold; Aryan (Discuss Throw) Silver; Shivam (800 Mtrs) Silver; Ankit (5000 Mtrs) Gold. Under 17 Boys: Ashish (1500 Mtrs) Gold; Pardeep Poswal (800 Mtrs) Silver; Ankit (400 Mtrs; 800 Mtrs) Gold. Under 14 Boys: Dalip (100 Mtrs; 200 Mtrs; Long Jump) Silver; Himanshu Kumar (600 Mtrs) Gold. Under 19 Girls: Vandita (800 Mtrs; 1500 Mtrs; 3000 Mtrs) Gold; Garima (Long Jump) Gold; Amarjot (800 Mtrs; 1500 Mtrs) Silver; Under 17 Girls: Garima (800 Mtrs) Gold; Kiran (800 Mtrs) Silver; (1500 Mtrs) Bronze; Gagandeep (1500 Mtrs) Gold; Jessica (Discuss Throw) Gold; (Shotput) Silver; Mansi (Shotput) Bronze; Under 14 Girls: Nishta (400 Mtrs; 600 Mtrs) Gold.Swimming (10 Gold, 12 Silver) : Under 19 Boys-Randeep Singh (50M Free Style) Gold; Nikhil (50M Free Style) Silver; Aryan (100M Brest Stroke) Gold; Randeep (50M Brest Stroke) Gold; Aryan (50M Brest Stroke) Silver; Aryan (50M Back Stroke) Gold; Nikbhil (50M Back Stroke) Silver. Under 19 Girls- Riya Thukral (50M Free Style) Gold; Aina Singh (50M Free Style) Silver; Riya Thukral (50M Back Stroke) Gold; Riya Shah (50M Back Stroke) Silver; Riya Shah (50M Brest Stroke) Gold. Under 17 Boys- Saurab Kaushik (50M Brest Stroke) Silver; Saurab Kaushik (100M Brest Stroke) Silver; Aryan Jadon (100M Back Stroke) Silver. Under 17 Girls- Manvi (50M Brest Stroke) Gold; Harsheen (50M Brest Stroke) Silver; Manvi (100M Brest Stroke) Silver; Manvi (100M Back Stroke) Silver. Under 14 Girls- Lakshita (50M Brest Stroke) Gold; Saanvi Singh (50M Brest Stroke) Silver; Lakshita (200M Free Style) Gold. 

Director Principal Krit Serai and Junior Principal Gur K Serai said, “Sports are given a priority and alongwith the above positions around 150 players have been selected to represent Panchkula District in various games, which is the highest amongst schools.”