Satluj Public School Ranked No. 1 in Panchkula and Amongst Top 13 in CBSE Top Schools of India By :- digitalLEARNING INDIA , EDU Today | Registrations 2020-21 (Pre-Nursery To IX-XI) . | Satluj Won Future 50 School Awards


CBSE board handholds schools to raise the standards of education through different circulars , dedicated to make the schools future ready with their active participation in experiential learning. By following these circulars, our school has taken initiative to impact positively on the quality of education and innovation pedagogies that constantly lead to holistic development of the students.

Activities to be undertaken : Learning shall collaborate for various activities as follows:

Academic Collaboration

  1. Share information and expertise, observations and reflection on areas such as- annual pedagogical plans/ curriculum plans and transaction strategies, learning outcomes, innovative pedagogy etc. that would encourage the adoption of best practices.
  2. Activities based on social issues like water conservation, swatchh Phagwada, gender equality, controlling drug menance, road safety, fire drill, mock earthquake drill, anti plastic awareness etc to sensitize the students on various social issues.
  3. Make efforts for co-planning of curriculum transaction and if required and feasible, even co-teaching in areas of difficulty.
  4. Organize quizzes, project demonstrations, art exhibitions and other co-curricular and extra-curricular activities together.
  5. Special arrangements in the area of educational and school related needs of Children with special Needs.
  6. Joint reflection culminating in creation of new knowledge and designing novel pedagogical strategies to provide holistic education.