Satluj Public School Ranked No. 1 in Panchkula and Amongst Top 13 in CBSE Top Schools of India By :- digitalLEARNING INDIA , EDU Today | Registrations 2019-20 (Pre-Nursery To IX-XI) . | Satlujians excel in Cbse 2018 XII and X results. Jashan amongst panchkula city commerce toppers | Satluj Won Future 50 School Awards


Mrs. J.K.Serai & Mr. Pritam Singh Serai

founded the school in 1976. “Live with Effort”, is the motto of our school. We train our students to use ‘effort’ and ‘courage’ as tools to sharpen their personalities, mainly in four areas of human activity – intellectual, social-emotional, physical and moral. Our teachers make an all-out effort to develop our scholars to be physically strong, healthy, intellectually well above-average and morally reliable. Our goals of education are dynamic and infinite. We look towards our school as our focal point. Our opinion is that, one courageous, stable intelligent and reliable person is a “majority”.


Director : Pritam Singh Serai

M.A. History; B.Ed., M.A. Education (University of Lancaster, U.K.).

Previously, History Master at William Morris High School, London;

Professor of Education at Eastern Michigan University, USA; and

Lecturer in Education, Berkishire College of Education, Reading U.K.

Tara Chand SABOO Award 2009
DEO/Governer Award